ClickTris 1.65

ClickTris 1.65: ClickTris is a classical tetris game. During all game many pieces fall down. It is a classical tetris game. Rules are very simple. During all game many pieces fall from top of window. Piece falls until landing on another piece or bottom of window. When pieces form horizontal line, this line erases and all pieces above fall down. You earn 10 points for every vanished line and extra 10 points if you vanish more lines. Game ends if there are no place for new pieces. You can move pieces when they fall.

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Teris-Tetris 005

line. When a line of squares makes a line from edge to edge, it disappears and all the pieces move down by a square. When the well is filled up, the player loses. Seems like it`s quite easy to play Tetris game, but as levels progress, you feel that playing Tetris game may be a real challenge. Tetris. Mad fun. Play online Tetris game. Free online Tetris game. Ok, maybe I`m taking the metaphor too far. In any case, this is one of the all time classic


Line Space Wars 1.02: Line Space Wars is a space shooting game.
Line Space Wars 1.02

Line Space Wars is a space shooting game. You can ride over 20 unique spaceships / battleships. Explore the line universe and defeat the empire! Game Features - Huge universe totally consist of lines and points. - Over 20 unique spaceships. - You can handle large battleship with many turrets. - About 20 missions. - Over 700 space stations. - 5 difficulty levels.

games, wire frame, windows, stooting

Therm Line 1.0: Therm line toolbar for Internet Explorer.
Therm Line 1.0

Therm line toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find blogs and sites about weight loss. Easily reach all the weight loss and therm line information you need to lose fat quickly directly form your browser toolbar.

add ons, therma cuts, ie toolbar, therm line, toolbar, browser toolbar, internet explorer

Group Net Send 1.01: Send a network message instantly to a list of usernames or computers.
Group Net Send 1.01

Net Send Command Line is a small command line utility that send messages to multiple users or groups of users. Our utliity uses the existing Microsoft Messaging Service to send a network message to the specified list of users. With Net Send Command Line you can send messages to any username or computer name on your network.

messenger, communication software, command line, lan talk, instant, userlist, windows 2000, groups, net send, utility, list, script, windows nt

Volume Serial Number Editor Command Line 1.09: Volume Serial Number Editor Command Line changes disk drive volume serial number
Volume Serial Number Editor Command Line 1.09

Line advanced command line utility for Windows console environments to change the disk drive volume serial number. Disk volume serial number is automatically generated and assigned when you format a disk partition and there is no documented way to change it without reformatting the disk volume. The format of volume serial number is: XXXX-XXXX (X maybe 0-9, A-F). Volume Serial Number Editor Command Line allows you to modify disk drive`s volume serial

change, number, volume, disk, serial, console, edit, software, drive, modify, command, line

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MAGIC Frames & Lines 1.0.5

Lines? MAGIC Frames & Lines is a frame-designing-program. You are able to create line-, shade-, element- (also custom!), ornament- and special-frames - in each width, in each height, in mm, cm, point, didot and inch adjustable. This does not cause a deformation of the frames! You determine the resolution. You may then save the created frame as an image file - e.g. in jpg-format - and load it in each program, which supports image files. Why did we

ornament frame, shareware, elemente frame, special frame, frame designing, shade frame, line frame

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